LSOH Logo 2-2We need your financial help to make Little Shop of Horrors a success! We have launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo to make it easy to donate to Evansville Community Theatre. This campaign will help offset the rental of the Audrey II puppets we will be using in Little Shop of Horrors. Our goal is to raise $2,000 and there are lots of perks!

Why should you donate? First, you’ll be supporting an all volunteer, non-profit organization that we think is an important part or our community. Since we are a non-profit, your donation is tax-deductible. And, if you donate through our Indiegogo campaign, you will get special recognition and show tickets, depending on your donation level.

Our goal is to produce a musical production every summer, which is a scary proposition. Outside of a generous donation from Shannon Law Office, we rely exclusively on ticket sales to finance our productions. So, as soon as we decide on a play we start spending money and watch our account nose dive until show time. We hope to break even on each production, or better yet, make a little money so we can produce our next play. We also use our money to award scholarships and give in-kind donations to the Evansville Community School District to help improve the Evansville Performing Arts Center.

So go to Indiegogo, check out the perks that come with your donation, and help us make Little Shop of Horrors a success!


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