Little Shop of Horrors is Cast!

First we pick the show, then the production staff comes together, we start filling in the who’s who of the staff, and Scott starts working on the set design. The winter drags on and we do what we can but the fun doesn’t begin until a Saturday in May when people arrive at the Middle School sing 16 bars of their favorite show tune, do some dialogue, and talk to the directors and crew. The auditions continue on Monday and all those who showed up wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Until finally the cast list is announced and the show finally feels real–not just for the actors but for the production team as well.

The first read through is next week and then the show will hurdle towards June, first in the Middle School auditorium then to the High School Performing Arts Center after the school year is over. A whirlwind of sewing, building, painting, prop building, lighting, and make up, with singing, dancing, sweat, tears, but most of all fun.

We’re proud to be producing Little Shop of Horrors and pleased to present the cast list:

Seymour Josh Ryan
Audrey Naomi Mann
Mushnik Tris Lahti
Audrey II Voice Dan Houser
Audrey II Puppeteer, Ensemble Chris Walker
Audrey II Puppeteer, Ensemble, Mrs. Luce Aubrey Bowser
Doo Wop Girl Justine Gildner
Doo Wop Girl Meghann Proper
Doo Wop Girl Emily Ryan
Orin Tomas Endter
Ensemble Zach Bergs
Ensemble Gwen Brunner
Ensemble Melanie Lamberson
Ensemble Andrew Lust
Ensemble Kaitlinn Madsen
Ensemble Zoe Meyers
Ensemble Sydney Michael
Ensemble Christina Peterson
Ensemble Sarah Elizabeth Sharp
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