Twisted Tales of Poe

Friday’s performance is sold out!

“Twisted Tales of Poe” is based on four classic stories from Edgar Allan Poe and adapted for radio theatre by Philip Grecian. It’s a staged production of an old-time radio show with actors portraying multiple roles and sound effects created live, all in front of an audience.

     The cast includes veteran Evansville Community Theatre (ECT) actors Jim Brooks, Cassie Geoffrion, Lynn Gillitzer, Liz Gillitzer, Mary Hartje, Sarah Krause, Dave Sobeski, and Chris Walker. New to ECT are Holin Kennen, Kate Leverton, Cindy Lederer, and Veronica Williams Pahl. The creative sound effects artists for this show are Maia Fisher, Liz Gillitzer, and Veronica Williams Paul.

     The actors also perform old timey radios ads for local business sponsors. Radio-style ads are custom-written for each sponsor and include everything from singing, to jingles, to humorous skits. Sponsors at all levels help make these local theatre productions possible. Contact for information on how to become a sponsor.

     Show dates for “Twisted Tales of Poe” are just in time for Halloween: October 28, 29, and 30 with performances at John M. Evans Hall, 104 W. Main St. in Evansville. Get tickets here.  For ongoing show updates, check Facebook @evansvillecommunitytheatre or visit Evansville Community Theatre’s website at