A Christmas Carol this December

A Christmas Carol is the classic story of Scrooge, brought to life as an old-fashioned radio drama, complete with live sound effects and organ music. Shows are at 7:30 p.m. on December 5, 6, and 7, at Emma’s Table, 104 W. Main Street in Evansville.

A “Pay What You Can” night on Thursday, December 5 makes the show accessible to everyone. Tickets for Friday and Saturday, December 6 and 7, are $12.
Tidings & Tinsel, on Saturday, December 7 at 5 p.m., is a lavish pre-show party to raise funds for Evansville Community Theatre. Tickets are $25 for elaborate holiday appetizers and desserts. Show tickets for Saturday are sold separately and deadline for purchase Wednesday, December 4.
Audiences always enjoy the tailor-written radio ads for local sponsors performed live during each show. Contact evansvillect@gmail.com for information on becoming a Sponsor.
Tickets for performances and Tidings & Tinsel will be available online at our ticket window. Advance tickets are not needed for the Pay What You Can show on December 5.
A Christmas Carol radio drama is by Philip Grecian, based upon his play and the novel by Charles Dickens. The original Dickens story is all here: Scrooge turns away charity workers and bullies his clerk, Bob Cratchit. His dead partner Jacob Marley makes a visit while the sound effects crew shakes chains and the organist plays eerie chords. The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to Fezziwig’s party, The Ghost of Christmas Present leads him through the streets of London, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge his fate if he doesn’t change.
Thanks to our Christmas Carol sponsors!