Dracula Cast


Evansville Community Theatre is excited to announce the cast list for “Dracula: The Radio Play!” We’re happy to see some regulars AND some new faces!

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Jim Brooks
Dr. Jack Seward, David Persons
Birdie, Bernice White
Williams, Jacob Schroeder
Jonathan Harker, David Sobeski
Mina Harker, Becca Poock
RM Renfield, Lynn Gillitzer
Lucy Westerna, Celina Johnson
Count Dracula, Joshua Smith
Announcer, Daria O’Connor
Sound Artist, Haley Schnepper
Sound Artist, Annetta Smith

Sound Artist, Hannah Sobeski

Show dates are just in time for Halloween: October 25, 26, and 27. Performances are at Emma’s table in John M. Evans Hall, 104 W. Main St. in Evansville.

Photo from last year’s performance of Frankenstein