About ECT

Evansville Community Theatre, or ECT, is a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting the theatrical arts in Evansville, Wisconsin. We are a non-profit organization that relies on ticket sales, donations, and community involvement for support. Our revenue is used to produce plays that are staged in Evansville.

ECT’s Fiddler on the Roof July, 2011

Not only do we strive to produce high quality theatre, we are also proud to sponsor a scholarship fund that awards scholarships to Evansville High School seniors who have been involved with theatre in our community.

Anyone who as ever been involved in a production knows the immense amount of work and resources required. We are always looking for anyone wanting to get involved in any aspect of theatre and need all the help we can get. Want to act, pound nails, paint, sew, or just learn about theatre? We’re looking for you! All skill levels and talents are needed.

Don’t have time to help? We’re always looking for donations, too. We’re a non-profit, so donations are tax-deductible. And we are an all volunteer organization so no one gets a payment of any sort. Consequently your money goes back into the community in the form of great theatre and scholarships!

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For questions or more information, contact ECT at  evansvillect@gmail.com or ectstagelights@gmail.com.

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